1. 1) Each guest brings one wrapped gift and puts it under the Christmas Tree. (Couples bring two!)

2) All guests draw a number.

3) The guest with the lowest number (generally “1”) chooses a wrapped gift from under the tree and opens it for everyone to see.

4) The next highest number can choose one of two options: “steal” the opened gift or select a wrapped gift from under the tree. If that person chooses a “new” gift, they must open it for all to see. Someone who has their gift stolen, may steal from someone else (if the gift hasn’t been stolen during this round) or open a new gift from under the tree.

5) The next highest number follows suit. Each subsequent person is allowed to either unwrap a “new” gift or “steal” any of the gifts already opened.

  1. 6)After the last number has finished selecting their gift, the game ends with the person with lowest  number given the opportunity to SWAP gifts with anyone in the game or keep the gift they have. (The first person never had a chance to steal a gift, and so this is their chance.)

    If person #1 chooses to steal from someone, we’ve added a final small challenge. Person #1 and the person he/she wants to steal from must play a final challenge together (which we will reveal at that time). This gives the person who might be stolen from a chance to defend their gift. If person #1 wins, they can steal the gift but if they lose the challenge then they must keep the gift they already have.

  2. 7)Then the game ends, and all guests have a gift to bring home and enjoy.

See you on December 6th!

White Elephant Rules!